The race to the semi final of Arab basketball starts tomorrow … all the ways lead to Beirut and Tunisia

The preliminary tournament of 24th Arab Basketball Championship for National Teams hosted by Emirates ended yesterday to start the new competition of the semi-final tomorrow Tuesday after the second day off; the previous games proved the progress of the Lebanon and Tunisian teams and they sent a strong message to other teams that all ways lead to Beirut and Tunisia and they are the strong recommended teams for the final game and to compete for the title; we have a concern that the Libyan team may has another opinion and convert this predictions after his good performance in the previous tournament and being ranked as first runner in group 1 after Tunisia team taking into consideration that he lost with one point because of his rush in the last minutes. The Algeria team was not really examined because he was in an easy group and he may also turn over the predictions because of the technical and physical skills of its players beside their tall. Emirates team had a good performance despite the difference of experience against its competitors and being in the strongest group; it was for his credit its winning against Jordan team who is looking forward to reach the qualification of World Cup Final by playing the Asian Qualification but the results were very disappointing as he lost three times consequently.

Three games tomorrow.

From other side, there will be three games tomorrow, in the first game Libya against Somalia at 04:00 pm Emirates time; it is an easy mission for Libya then at 06:00 pm Lebanon and Jordan game and at 08:00 pm Emirates and Algeria; the winner from the last game will play with Tunisia in the semi final while the winner from Libya and Somalia game will play with the winner of Lebanon and Jordan game.

It should be noted that Tunisia was ranked in the first place of its group by 6 points and three wins, Libya comes after it by 5 points and one lose then comes Emirates by 4 points and 2 loses and finally comes Jordan by 3 points and three loses consequently; while Lebanon comes in the first place of group 2 by 4 points and two wins then comes the Algerian team by one lose and 3 points and finally comes the Somalia team in the third place by two loses and two points.