In the presence of El-Qirqawy, the Egyptian Federation celebrates the delegations Wednesday evening


A dinner party is to be held by the Egyptian Basketball Federation in the Engineering Authority Guest House in Heliopolis Wednesday evening in honor of the Arab Federation and the participating delegations in the Championship, in presence of Major General/ Ismail El-Qirqawy, Chairman of both the Arab and the Emirati Basketball Federation. During the party, honor shields will be exchanged.

The Second Camp for Basketball Referees starts tomorrow

The second camp for basketball referees shall be inaugurated at 9 tomorrow morning in Cairo Stadium. The camp is organized by the Arab Federation with the participation of 85 Arab referees, and will come to a close at 6 Wednesday evening in El-Zohour Club in Cairo in the presence of Major General/ Ismail El-Qirqawy, who will distribute the certificates on the learners. The courses will be instructed by the Algerian international instructor/ Kamal Hamoutan; and from Egypt the international instructor/ Ahmed El-Falaky; Instructor/ Mohamed Galal; Instructor/ Wael Abdelhay. It is noteworthy that the first camp was held three years ago before the spreading of corona virus worldwide.