El-Qirqawy praises the success of the championship and asserts Egypt's right for the title

Major General/ Ismail El-Qirqawy, Chairman of both the Arab and the Emirati Basketball Federation described the closing day of the 19th Youth Championship that came to an end yesterday evening in Cairo, to be a magnificent day, in which the Egyptian as well as the Algerian national teams presented an excellent basketball game representing their development and anticipating the promising Arab basketball future. He also stated that the Egyptian national team proficiently deserved the title, extending his congratulations to Dr. Magdy Abu-Frekha, Vice Chairman of the Arab Basketball Federation and the Chairman of the Egyptian Basketball Federation, and to the federation and the technical and administrative staff on this achievement, which came after the Egyptian national team won African Championship and became the tenth of the world. El-Qirqawy added that the Championship was a great opportunity for all the national teams to get ready for the continental tournaments; either African or Asian. In addition, he indicated that the Emirati national team availed from getting in touch with proficient teams - despite the slight preparation- and the technical staff understanding of the team status before starting up the Gulf Championship that will be held in El-Wasl Club venue as of 29 of the present month as a qualifier for Asia Finals in Iran next month. In a different context, El-Qirqawy praised the standard of playing presented by the Emirati national team captain Abdelaziz Khalifa the Championship Scorer, hoping that the teams would produce stars with such level, in order to produce a youth national team capable of competition and gaining titles.

Captain/ Azuz Said is titled the Scorer of the Championship

The Emirati national team captain, Abdelaziz Khalifa, expressed his happiness upon gaining the Championship Scorer Award, saying that he did not expect that title among such assembly of Arab stars, mentioning that he was the only national team player who participated with the Men, Youth, and Junior teams in previous championships, whereas his colleagues took part in their first international championship and without prior preparation, yet at the end they gained benefits that would be positively reflected on the coming Gulf Championship. Azuz ended his statement saying that the Emirati national team wasted the opportunity of playing on the third and fourth places and competing for the bronze medal due to the mistakes committed in Kuwait game.

Abu-Frekha congratulates his players on the new accomplishment

Dr. Magdy Abu-Frekha, Vice Chairman of the Arab Basketball Federation and the Chairman of the Egyptian Basketball Federation appreciated the new accomplishment attained by his national team, few days after gaining the world tenth place. He indicated that the national team availed from the mistakes committed in his first game against Algeria and his defeat, afterwards, the team was able to impose his actual rhythm and excel in the four quarters. Abu-Frekha hoped that this achievement would be a motive for more awards to come.

Abdelrahman El-Mosaad:

the championship is a birth certificate for a new generation of Arab basketball

Abdelrahman El-Mosaad, Vice Chairman of the Arab Basketball Federation and the Head of the Championship Technical Committee confirmed that the current version is in fact a birth certificate for a promising generation capable of attaining much success in regard to the Arab basketball. He added that the Egyptian national team is worth that title and that all the national teams were benefitted, referring to the closeness of the standards of the Gulf national teams regardless of the results and that they all have equal chances to reach the Asian Finals.